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Animator As Code V1

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This is the work-in-progress documentation for Animator As Code V1, which has not yet been released. The last public version of Animator As Code is V0.

Animator As Code is a small Unity Editor facility to generate animator controller layers and animations from a fluent builder syntax written in C#.

Initially created for use with VRChat Avatars 3.0, it is now a generic package that does not require it.


AnimatorAsCode V1 does not require VRChat unless you use VRChat-specific functions.

Describing your animators as code provides the following advantages:

  • you do not need to edit your animations by hand every time you add remove or change the location of a component in your hierarchy
  • you will not need to edit a hundred transitions by hand if you need to rectify your animator

It was initially written with VRChat Avatars 3.0 use cases in mind; the API is opinionated to facilitate writing such animators in a concise way, hopefully requiring as little additional tweaking.


At this time of writing, Animator As Code V1, and this documentation, are a work in progress.

You can install Animator As Code V1 using VCC/ALCOM, but the API is not deemed stable at the moment, and therefore is not currently suitable for use in public-facing projects by third parties.